Connecting Africa to the global digital Economy.

By making african payments as simple as making a phonecall, We make borders matter less.

Onafriq is a pan-African payments company which enables interoperable cross-border and domestic digital payments. We boast a multi-cultural, multi-talented, agile team from over 30 different nations that is driven to create access to a borderless world - for millions of Africans and African businesses.

It's no secret that mobile money has revolutionised access to certain financial services in Africa and much of the rest of the world. Onafriq has been driving the next step in this revolution since its founding - to bring more possibilities, more connections, more interoperability by connecting mobile money user to each other, bank accounts, MTOs, enterprises and a world of new possibilities.

We have been at the forefront of increasing digital flows not only within Africa but also flows to Africa.

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A fully integrated on and offline payments “network of networks”

Onafriq brings together a full suite of payment options and a vast last-mile network, enabling access and simplicity for a range of partners. MNOs, MTO, banks, global and local merchants, African SMEs, and global development organisations can collect and disburse payments, access our card issuance and processing services, and access Nigerian consumers and SMEs through our agent network, Baxi.

With access to multiple FX sourcing partners across the continent, Onafriq can provide multiple currencies across Africa for our partners.

Our Investors


Our Leaders


Adegbola Abudu

Managing Director, Anglophone West Africa


Carolyne Mwaura

Group Head of People


Zamandlovu Ndlovu

Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing


Jane Robinson

Chief Product Officer, Network


Oladapo Richards

Chief Product Officer, Agency services


Richard Hadley

Strategy & Sales Support Director


Nika Naghavi

Group Head of Growth


Sharon Welang

Managing Director - Francophone sub-Saharan Africa


Fulgence Stolk

Managing Director - Rest of the World


Funmi Dele-Giwa

General Counsel & Head of Governance, Risk & Compliance, and Group Company Secretary


Olaseni Alabede

Chief Product Officer, Card Issuing


Dare Okoudjou

Founder & CEO


Luke Kyohere

Chief Innovation Officer


Omotayo Ogunlade

Group Chief Technology Officer


Rashi Gupta

Group Chief Operating Officer


Christian Bwakira

Group Chief Commercial Officer


Meghan Taylor

Group Chief of Staff


Julian Adkins

Group Chief Financial Officer


Patrick Gutmann

Managing Director, Group Corporate Affairs and Institutional Engagements


Filip Nilsson

Group Head of Enterprise Payment


Rachel Balsham

Managing Director, Southern and East Africa

This is Onafriq

We unlock access, scaling up your business beyond borders. Because where there’s access, there’s growth.



At Onafriq, we have a compliance culture driven and supported by the board, which is cascaded in terms of what we do as a business. The board has a zero tolerance for non-compliance and supports the compliance department fully in the execution of its duties.

As a business, we take a proactive approach to compliance by scanning the environment for emerging trends in the payment space and how this may affect our partners, and Onafriq as an organisation. With this approach, we can effectively address any emerging risks within the confines of local and international law and best practice.

Identifying inefficiencies ahead of time is something we take pride in. We have a culture of regular audits that help identify shortcomings within our policies or processes and we take corrective action immediately. This is a key aspect of ensuring that our compliance processes are evolved and effective.


Recent changes in payment regulation across the African continent have made it mandatory for entities operating payment systems to obtain a license from the relevant regulatory body. We have been pro-active in our engagements with regulators across the jurisdictions where we operate, and are currently licenced in Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania – as well as in the United Kingdom.