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Send & collect payments in Nigeria through bank accounts or our agent network.

With over 100,000 agents across all 36 states and access to all banks in the country, you can send salaries and earnings to bank accounts of freelancers and gig workers or receive cash and card payments for your services.

Baxi Mobile

With the size and reach of our agent network and access to every bank, we can connect more people and countries to Nigeria. Without the need for a local presence, you can receive payments from Nigerians and send money through multiple channels. Our expansive footprint across the continent with over 400 million mobile money wallets connected also means that as an enterprise in Nigeria, you can transact with your customer base outside the country and receive cross-border payments.

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Offline Collection

Receive card or cash payments from your customers in Nigeria via our agent network

Cash Disbursement

Make cash payments to Nigeria. Recipients can receive cash from Baxi agents using a unique code generated for each transaction.

Bank Account Disbursement

Regardless of your location, send payments directly to bank accounts in the country.

Currency Conversion

Recipients will earn or receive the equivalent of the amount sent in Naira.

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